Support people in Berlin with food packages

You help people in Berlin with food packages
Social inequality is spreading all over the world – even here in Germany. This is especially true in the capital city. In Berlin, the poverty rate – the proportion of people who have to get by on an income below the poverty line – has been rising for years; almost one in five is now considered at risk of poverty. That’s why we help not only in other countries, but also right here on our own doorstep.

How we help

We support the Berliner Tafel, Germany’s oldest food bank. The organization has been helping hundreds of thousands of people since 1993. Our common mission is to provide people with food. To do this, we rescue surplus food from 600 grocery stores from destruction on the one hand and distribute the rescued food to 300 social institutions and 45 “LAIB und SEELE” distribution points on the other. With every share food you donate a 500 gram bag of rescued food to a person in need of support.

The Berliner Tafel does not endorse any products or services. share gives 6 cents from every product sold to the Berliner Tafel to support food rescue.

The Berliner Tafel is the oldest food bank in Germany. The organization has been providing people with food since 1993. The mammoth task can only be realized thanks to the tireless and selfless commitment of the numerous volunteers.

Together with you, we want to distribute 750,000 meals this year and reach at least 30,000 people!

Project active since March 2018

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