Every share product purchased supports a good cause.

We're working towards a fairer world, helping people meet their four basic needs.

Drinking water

The only safe water is clean water. Through our drinking water projects, we provide people with sustainable supplies of clean drinking water by supporting the repair and construction of safe wells and the training of well engineers.


We’re helping to fight hunger everywhere in the world, by providing school meals, distributing emergency food supplies in crisis zones and ensuring that disadvantaged people here too have access to food.


Washing hands can save lives. Our hygiene projects build sanitary facilities and give people both hygiene products and the knowhow needed to prevent diseases from transmitting.


We believe that education is a basic need. And school can satisfy you too. Through our educational projects, we provide children with everything they need to take part in school – from learning materials to school meals.

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hygiene products & sanitation
school lessons

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Just like loving parents, we don’t have favorites. So, the order our projects are displayed in is completely random. You can find out which project you’re supporting with your purchase by scanning the QR code on the product’s packaging.

This is how we help.

Whenever the word “aid” is mentioned, many people respond with a long list of objections. But hang on a minute, we’re talking about “development” and that’s more than just a linguistic difference.

The aim of our development projects is to improve the quality of life locally without creating dependencies. Our projects don’t end with the construction of a couple of new wells. More often than not, they start with repairing the existing infrastructure. And a lot more after that.

At our smart wells project in Kenya, for example, we’re supporting the set-up of a local company that will take care of the operation and maintenance of the wells and water pipes itself.

Not an easy subject, but one we do really have to talk about. People all over the globe are suffering from extreme situations, such as natural disasters, prevailing droughts, conflicts or migration. And these kinds of extremes are particularly life-threatening for children.

What we can do about it are short-term interventions that ensure the survival of as many people as possible.

In our project in Somalia, for example, we’re distributing fortified meals to mothers with young children suffering from malnutrition. The emergency food used in this project is an enriched peanut paste. So far, we’ve been able to distribute over 5 million emergency meals and thus help more than 35,000 people.

Update: The war in Ukraine represents a similar emergency. At the moment, we’re working closely with our partners to provide the most meaningful help. And while currently no donations are being diverted from the sale of products, which have already been assigned to other emergency aid projects, we are taking other measures.

Besides making monetary donations, we’ve created a list of needs that records what donations are most urgently required, we’re coordinating the donation of goods from other companies and making our offices available to refugees as a coworking space. It’s also been possible for our employees to take leave in order to volunteer. You can find the latest updates on what we’re doing on both our Instagram and Facebook social media channels.

Closer to home, there are also extensive social problems that need to be addressed. Which is why we’re also committed to improving the lives of the most disadvantaged people in our society here in Europe. In Germany, Austria and Czechia, for example, we support food banks, which allow us also to do our bit to prevent food waste.

The foodbank Berliner Tafel is our very first and thus longest standing partner. We’re very proud of our partnership together and often take a look at what’s happening on the ground. Sharers work with Berliner Tafel on volunteer days, helping out by sorting and distributing rescued food.

Creating a better world together.

No-one can make the world a better place all by themselves. For all of our projects, we rely on the expertise and experience of real professionals. We partner with nationally and internationally recognized aid organizations. Transparency, and thus the credibility of an organization, are the most important factors for us when it comes to choosing our partners.

We have achieved that with you.

A reason to be proud together: Over the past few years, with your help, we have been able to launch projects all over the world. In our archive you can find all completed projects and read about what we have already achieved together.